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‘How the Right to Education is failing the very children it was meant to benefit’

Access to education in India is rife with inequalities, despite the 2013 Right to Education Act. For example, although the numbers of children being enrolled at schools is increasing, there is a huge disparity in the number of children from rural vs. urban areas. 31.3% of children from rural India remain out of school, whilst the percentage of children out of school in urban areas has decreased to 2.54%. Differences in access are also evident between children from different Castes and Tribes, leading to complaints that the Indian Government is not doing enough to make the education system inclusive. (see article here).

Children’s education continuing to suffer in Sierra Leone

‘Children will finally be returning to their classes throughout Sierra Leone on Monday after an eight-month hiatus due to the Ebola crisis. But there will be empty chairs at many schools. Some students will find out that their classmates fell victim to the deadly Ebola virus while others will not make it because they are barred from school.’

School girls who are visibly pregnant are being banned from taking exams due to the belief that allowing them to do so will encourage other young girls to¬†follow suit, spreading concerns about the girls’ right to education. (see full article here).

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