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A growing trend to de-privatise water services?

‘The privatization of Jakarta’s water, which has spanned 17 years, has come to an end as judges at the Central Jakarta District Court have approved a lawsuit from the Coalition of Jakarta Residents Opposing Water Privatization (KMMSAJ).’ See full article here.

After the privatisation boom seems to have led to disappointing results in terms of improving access to water, the decision of the District Court seems to form part of a more widespread ‘remunicipalisation‘ trend. More and more countries are opting to take control of water services out of the hands of private companies, and into the hands of local municipalities.

An interesting new development in governance of the tobacco industry!

‘A new global fund is being launched to help developing countries fend off challenges to tobacco control measures by cigarette makers. The $4m (£2.7m) fund is a joint effort by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…Both philanthropists say the purpose of the targeted fund is to help countries such as Uruguay, which has spent the past five years fighting a challenge by a cigarette company against the use of graphic health warnings on packets.’ (Full article available here)


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