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“Illegal immigrants” have basic social rights – or do they not?

Worrying hesitation by the Netherlands to ‘take steps to ensure basic social rights of undocumented migrants’. Read the full post, by Veronika Flegar (Global Health Law Groningen) below.

Global Health Law Groningen

Veronika Flegar, University of Groningen

Although already a couple of months have passed since the CEC v the Netherlands ruling of the European Social Committee (ESC) on 10 November 2014, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Netherlands is still hesitant to take steps to ensure basic social rights of undocumented migrants. In CEC v the Netherlands the ESC ruled that rejected asylum-seekers and other undocumented persons have the right to food, clothing and shelter. The right to emergency healthcare had already been provided for by the Dutch government in accordance with the earlier cases of the ESC FIDH v France and DCI v Belgium. According to the ESC, the provision of these basic needs is essential for survival in the Netherlands.

However, the decisions of the ESC are not binding and it is left to the Committee of Ministers to recommend steps to…

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